M2 Fanworks



Hi! I'm just an introvert who enjoys doing a bunch of stuff while not being particularly good at anything.

This is my little corner where I share some of the things I do and play a bit with coding and designing.

Be aware that there may be some broken links and/or layouts (hopefully not). I try my best to make all sections (or most of them) mobile friendly.

There isn't much content atm due to my busy schedule and health issues...


Mar.29.2021 1 sheet music added (it's a transcription of a song from a game I'm yet to play). I also re-uploaded all the other sheets for the sake of consistency (no relevant changes were made, I only tweaked their layout a bit).

Feb.21.2021 Added 1 sheet music (it's short and old ahem) and re-uploaded the other sheets with minor fixes and layout changes. Oh, and I remade the layout of the sheet music section cuz I realized the previous one could get quite messy. (Can you tell that I'm having some fun with gradients? lol)

Feb.12.2021 Sheet music section is now up with, ummm... 2 sheets! I have a bunch of sheets in the works, I just have a lot of trouble focusing and finishing them...

Feb.03.2021 First version is up! I'm still tweaking the layout - it's (somewhat) mobile friendly! - and only one section is available atm. Perhaps I should create more content instead of wasting so much time messing around with CSS lol